Bit One MIDI Upgrade

£65.00 GBP

Allows you to use both the local keyboard and external MIDI at the same time; set and remember the MIDI channel on the synth itself, rather than it resetting to omni mode on startup; receive MIDI pitch bend, mod wheel, and sustain pedal. Also adds an arpeggiator with up, down, up + down and random modes. (Arpeggiator function requires an external MIDI clock source such as a drum machine)

As it also pre-filters MIDI data before it goes to the synth's own CPU, MIDI response is a lot more reliable - the stock synth is very prone to lock-ups and stuck notes when receiving a lot of MIDI data.

Now supports the new Tauntek firmware for the Bit One, which, if installed, gives you realtime CC control over all of the synth's parameters. See manual for more details.

Includes pre-assembled MIDI board, cabling, DIN socket, chip socket and mounting hardware.

Installation & user instructions can be found here